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Oasis Rollator Walker With Seat

Oasis Rollator Walker With Seat

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Oasis Rollator Walker with Seat offers safe and secure movement to elderly adults. This rolling walker gives you the freedom to move inside and outside your premises without any assistance. Rollator Walker gives you a sense of independence and makes more places accessible. Hence, seniors don't need help for a walk in a park or a nearby coffee shop.

Rollator Walker


  • Foldable and Adjustable: Folding and unfolding this rollator walker with 10-inch wheels are straightforward with one step, so you don't have to worry about going through a narrow space like a bathroom door and taking up unwarranted space. What's more, the hand grip height is adjustable, allowing you to customize the perfect fit of the Oasis walker with seat.

Rollator Walker

  • Gain More Freedom & Accessibility: It's hard to watch your loved ones suffer as they age and be weakened by difficulty walking. An Oasis rollator walker with a seat aims to increase seniors' mobility and help keep you exercising better than a cane. In addition, this mobility Walker can act as a standing support to maintain your safety.

Rollator Walker

  • Smoothly Navigate Over All Terrain: Most folding rollator walkers have only six or fewer spokes in their wheels. So on the front and rear wheels of the Oasis rollator walker for the elderly, we increased the number of spokes to 10, making your walk more accessible and the wheels more durable than average.

Rollator Walker

  • Handle Daily Tasks with Ease: Sometimes, when you need to carry a laundry basket to the laundry room or transport food from the kitchen to the dining room, you can also use the seat of a lightweight rollator walker as a little tray that makes you can manage a lot of simple things.

Rollator Walker

  • A Place to Rest: All nearly oval bars of the Aluminum rollator walker provide strength along the axis, receiving the most stress during use, making it support up to 300 lbs. And you would feel confident enough to sit whenever you needed a place while walking about, doing housework, or waiting in line.
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